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What to Look for When Upgrading Your Toilet

When remodeling a bathroom, you may feel that you are confined to certain things. We all know that most bathrooms all look the same, just with different accessories and colors on the wall. They are serviceable places within our home. Most all have a toilet, sink, and shower area. Would you give those areas a makeover as well if you know that you could make your bathroom one-of-a-kind? If so, we are here to talk to you about what to look for when upgrading your toilet and it may very well surprise you to know about the options that are available to you.

Our Idea of a Perfect Toilet

Is there any such thing as a perfect toilet in your opinion? Probably not. We all seem to picture a specific toilet within our mind. It is the traditional style toilet like the standard Glacier Bay. It is serviceable, basic, and nothing fancy. For some people, that may be all that is required. Others, though, hate that their toilet looks like the toilet that they grew up using. Now, toilets have specific features that can make them more ideal for some people. They prove that not all toilets have to be the same. You can choose toilets that are affordable, more comfortable, and use less water, but you can also choose to have more expensive toilets that can provide more functions than simply flushing.

The New Standards in Toilets

Toilets in the past would use excess amounts of water to flush out cleanly. They were a height that was usable, but not necessarily comfortable for every person of every size. Those days are over. Now, if you take a quick browse on, you will see the vast variety of toilets and features available. You have comfort height toilets that are easier to sit down on and stand up from. These toilets use less water with each flush, but because they are pressurized, the flushing action is still good enough to scrub the toilet with each flush. There are also different bowl shapes for you to choose from. A small, round bowl is ideal for small bathrooms. These toilets may also have low tanks or standard tank sizes. They may have rounded tanks, square ones, or other styles. Different colors are also available. In larger rooms, you may choose to have an elongated toilet to give you more room on the throne. There are toilets with heated seats, night lights, motion sensor technology, and dual flushing toilets that allow you to use a small amount of water or a little more. There are even toilets that can handle cleaning you up after you are finished by using a gentle stream of warm water. What more could you ask for from your toilet?

Turn Your Bathroom Into a Place You Love Using

Your bathroom does not have to be like everyone else’s. You can create a room that is truly fit for the throne that you want to enjoy using. All it takes is you deciding that you want to ditch the standard “John” and upgrade to a new style of toilet. This can turn the most boring room in your home into a place that you enjoy being. It can also give your guests a little to talk about. Wouldn’t that be a great change for your home and make it worth the effort of a remodel? You simply have to decide on the features that you want.


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