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Air Conditioner Water Damage NOT Caused by Plumbing

What is your very first thought when you see a brown spot on your ceiling? Most often, we think about a leak from either water pipes that may be in the attic or the roof. In many cases, this is true. That is one of the most common issues, but it isn’t the only issue you may have to deal with. It is no secret that an air conditioner can form condensation, but that doesn’t mean it will not cause it in other areas. Especially since many homes and offices use air handlers as well as the actual unit. You may think about calling a plumber out since it is a waterline, but you would be wasting time. Air conditioner damage is not caused by a plumbing issue and it isn’t something a plumber can repair.

What Is an Air Handler?

This unit, which is often called an air handling unit or AHU is used to regulate and circulate the air that it inside of it so that it spreads equally throughout the home or office through all the vents. It may be located in either the attic or the basement of a building, depending on where the vents are located.

Common Air Handling Unit Issues

Most people never have a reason to think about the air handler. They usually do not simply stop working properly. However, there are certain things that can go wrong and virtually all of them will result in a buildup of condensation that may cause you further damages.

Whether water has stained your roof or you are finding puddles in the basement, it could be and is most likely caused by dirty or clogged air filters, a clog in the coil, or a faulty blower motor inside of the AHU. Any of these things will stop the unit from being able to do what it needs to do and although the water is definitely a problem that you will want to deal with as soon as you notice it; you have to choose the right technician to help you out with it.

Hiring the Right Technician

If you are unable to locate the cause of your leak, you can try to contact a plumber to make sure that the isn’t with your water lines. That is unless you know exactly where the air handler is and you can get to it. If you know its location and feel that it is close to the AHU, you are better off to start out with contacting an air conditioning repair technician. Some of our favorite technicians are air conditioning service naples fl. They will be able to find the issue and fix it before it has the chance to cause more damage to your home’s ceiling and before the damaged areas begin to grow mold.

The key is to remember that just because you see water stains and puddles; you shouldn’t immediately feel as though you have a plumbing leak. It could be something that is much easier to fix and more affordable than that.


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